Government has a long history of transgressions against humanity. Not only does it constantly war against other nations in an attempt to maintain its own power, but it destroys the lives of its citizens. Throughout all of history man has faced death itself by refusing to kneel before excessive and immoral power. In a display of mock humanity, many governments introduce laws designed to protect those who reveal and protest against governmental wrongdoing.

The U.S. government has passed legislation such as the Ethics in Government Act and the Whistleblower Protection Act in addition to a bumpy history of judicial precedent. However, it also has a storied history of discouraging and punishing whistleblowers, disobedience, and other societal misfits. Perhaps one of the most fundamental protections of freedom in America is the ability for individuals to freely communicate their disapproval of the government. Unfortunately, in many cases those who stand against the inevitable tide of government find themselves victim to propaganda campaigns designed to terrorize and vilify. With seemingly bottomless pockets, the government has the assets available to outlast nearly any legal and/or media battle.

That was, however, until the internet revolution.

The price of information distribution has essentially fallen to zero. Borders are becoming more and more meaningless. Humanity is discovering its deep connections throughout the entire globe and governments worldwide are scrambling to take action to prevent their own demise.

Accompanying the rise of new technologies is a set of new methods of political protest. Throughout history, disgruntled man has taken up the pen, disrupted commerce, gathered in display of unification, and revealed the inhumane and unjust actions of government to the people at large. It is only natural that these methods have adopted the current state of technology.

Despite these laws and precedents established throughout history, governments continue to threaten and imprison political activists and whistleblowers. This must stop.