I’m going to shift gears ever so slightly today and show one great example of why government intrusion of any kind is ultimately a form and degree of tyranny.

The vast majority of textbooks and discussion regarding the American Civil War grant much praise to President Lincoln for ending slavery and keeping the Union together. While it is beyond the scope of this missive to debate the merits of the legacy attributed to Lincoln, I would like to focus on the vast amounts of resources and human lives spent in the attempt to end slavery both during the Civil War and the Reconstruction which followed.

Many point out that, were it not for government involvement to a grandiose scale, slavery would never have been outlawed. What these people choose to ignore, however, is the general tendency worldwide of the largely peaceful eradication of slavery and, more importantly, the basic laws of economics.

Individual bias is a necessary requirement for art, product diversity, emotion, and virtually every aspect of life which is not dull and purely utilitarian. Bias forces car manufacturers to go beyond Henry Ford’s philosophy of “you can have it in any color as long as it’s black.” It is the fundamental action behind choosing friends versus avoiding certain individuals. In sum, bias is an integral part of being human.

Slavery and racism are simply human biases. A free market allows for only voluntary transactions between two consenting parties. A business which used slave labor for its production would quickly find itself going bankrupt today because of the moral hostility towards that practice. Similarly, a business which hired only certain races or sold its product to certain races would gain nothing but an enormous loss of revenue.

Case in point, Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. In this particular case, Mr. Sterling didn’t even run his business from a racist perspective. The three highest paid players on his team are black and collectively earn 63% of the entire team payroll. If he had hired nothing but white players, the team would likely have performed miserably and earned him very little revenue. In other words, the market would have punished him for his racist ideas. In this particular case, nothing but his remarks have caused him great pain financially. He stands to lose a great deal because of his IDEAS rather than his ACTIONS. This is impressive indeed when we stop to consider what would be done to businesses which matched their actions to their words.